Hybrid Participation - Online and Live

Technical Program is available bellow. Please recheck timetable and schedules of your sessions.

Links for BBB Online Rooms A and B are provided below:

AAI 2022 Room A:

AAI 2022 Room B:

All Keynote speaker sessions and sessions marked with A in their label will be held in virtual AAI 2022 Room A.
All sessions marked with B in their label will be held in virtual AAI 2022 Room B.

Please connect to the corresponding room 10-15 minutes before the start of Your session. Time zone in Technical Program is CET+01:00 (Belgrade).
When it is time for Your presentation, the Room Moderator will give You “Presenter” roll for the duration of Your presentation.

For authors that will be physically present, please prepare Your presentation (ppt, pdf, etc.) on flash drive as all presenters will have to use the same prepared computer, so online participants could follow the presentations. Live part of conference will be held at the Rectorate building of the University of Kragujevac.

Technical Program